Arlen Feldwick-Jones         Vivid and dynamic oil and acrylic paintings with select photography   

I am a self-taught artist whose art has emerged from an inner place that allows me to express myself freely. At heart I am a painter, but I find photography a quick fix for my drive for artistic creativity. Ultimately I do it because I get immense satisfaction and joy making art. When I create I feel lost to the world of external forms and more in touch with my internal and eternal spirit. This feeling of connectedness to something bigger than myself also comes when I am outside, perhaps in a forest or at the beach. The land is very important to me and I am truly happiest and at peace when I am in Nature. Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to paint the sky, the land, the sea and all natural forms. Whether in Nature or painting from it, time passes without notice.

My art is also a reflection of who I am and where I’ve come from. I am a native New Zealander with Ngai Tahu roots (a Maori tribe from the South Island of New Zealand). My New Zealand background infuses my art in the deepest way as the people, colors, sights, and sounds of my country are a part of my very soul.

I am also an American transplant as I have lived in the United States since 1990. I have resided on the East coast in New York, the Midwest in Nebraska and in Arizona in the Southwest. I now live in Northern California which, happily, reminds me of New Zealand with its farmland, rolling hills and glorious Pacific coast. Standing on the cliffs overlooking the wide ocean I like to think I am connected to where I came from. The Pacific is vast but it is still the same sea that washes up on the coast of my homeland.

I hope you enjoy my art. Please contact me if you have any comments, questions or if you wish to make a purchase.

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